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Save the Land Rover Sports and Social club and Sportsfield!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE:

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To All Current Employee Members, Special Members, Sports Field Associated Members and Regular Room Hirers. 
JLR haven't supplied any further detail other than they will be serving notice and submitting planning applications for the Sports Field to be turned into a car park for JLR parking.  
This is a costly exercise, so our Committee and staff will be fundraising to help with the costs.  
Should you wish to help us fund this fight click on the donate button below:

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WE 14/02/2020 -H GRANT
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01 Jul 2019
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Save the Land Rover Sports and Social Club and Sportsfield!!!
Ultimately, in 2022, it is proposed th ...

29 Feb 2020
The Lorraine Crosby Band
Raising Funds for Cancer Awareness on 29/02/2020
Supporting: Oncology Cancer Unit - Solihull & In ...


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