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How to Join

Want to become a Member?

During 2021 due to Covid19 only Temperary Membership are being issued for new members, see the home page for more information. 

There are two types of membership:

1) Ordinary Members:
For a Land Rover EmployeeIf you are a Land Rover Employee and you would like to join both the club and the Land Rover Lottery you should apply for the Ordinary Membership. The annual cost of membership is £10.50 and can be done weekly or monthly dependant on your employee terms. Request the LR32A form by email Due to the changes in the law as to how an organisation uses and collects your personal information (GDPR) please be advised that the club uses your details lawfully, the lottery results are published on this site and on TV within the JLR premises.

Please Note: This applies to the Land Rover payroll only, unfortunately the Jaguar Land Rover payroll and or DHL are not set up for subscriptions to the Land Rover Sports and Social Club. If you are unsure please check with your payroll department which payroll you are on first.

There is also a one off charge of £1.00 when you collect your swipe card.

Please Note: We do not post the membership cards out due to cost and data protection.

2) Special Members:
For All others If you would like to join the club you should apply to become a Special Member. Request the LR16 form by email to

New Applications: The annual cost of membership is £11.50 then £10.50 annually after that, renewals are every Thursday and Sunday during the month of January.

To apply for a new special membership at the club speak to a member of staff or Jo Paling (The Secretary) who will be able to process your card.

Alternatively you can email:

Please Note: Any member of staff or Committee can ask you for the card at any time for identification purposes.

There will be a charge of £2.00 for lost cards. Howerver if this card is lost more than twice the full charge of 10.50 will be requested.